5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Making Explainer Videos

Making Explainer Videos

In the video marketing world, there is no room for making mistakes. Here are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid when making explainer videos!


Making the perfect explainer video to present your business or brand is really important, especially if you want to leave a positive first impression. In the video marketing world, there is no room for making mistakes, at least not, if the competition is high and you are trying to step aside from the crowd and grab the attention of your potential customers.

Making explainer videos and summing up everything that is important in under 90 seconds is not easy and you know it. If you want to make it perfect and unforgettable you need to give your maximum effort and avoid these 5 commons mistakes:


  1. Dragging it out for too long and making it boring – We live in a time where everything has to be fun and entertaining. You can’t allow yourself to make a complicated or boring video and this is exactly how your explainer video will feel if you make it longer than 90 seconds. Avoiding this common mistake is easy to explain but it is not simple to master. So, please make your message as concise as possible and use the rule of thumb or no more than 150 words per minute.
  2. Forgetting who your target group is – Let’s be clear – you won’t sell your product or service to everyone. You need to identify and know exactly who your target group is. If you don’t you won’t achieve anything and you will eventually end up frustrated knowing there will be no significant results from your video.
  3. Neglecting the quality of the video – No one will pay attention to a low-quality video, regardless of the content or the message in the video. Another common mistake is neglecting the quality of the video and not paying attention to how your video will look like. Aim for high-quality only and make sure your video has great animation, clean sound, perfect editing, unique tone, and professional voice over.
  4. Focusing on features – No one wants to hear technical details and information, about complicated processes, and etc. People don’t really care how your product was tested but how your product will make their lives better. So, instead of focusing on features, make sure to focus on solutions.
  5. Sounding too serious – We know that you take your business seriously but that does not mean that you can’t include some humor in your video. People want to be entertained so have some fun with your video and don’t forget to be creative.

A lot of people have already made these common mistakes, so make sure not to follow their steps and do everything you can to avoid them.