How to Create B2B Explainer Videos that Easily Convert

B2B Explainer Videos

Interested in creating B2B explainer videos that attract potential customers and easily convert them into sales? Read and find out how to create one!


Online videos have made an amazing mark on the internet, and today, videos consist around 70% of all consumer traffic on the web. These numbers have made the need for B2B companies to improve their marketing strategies and to start creating explainer videos so that they can convert more leads to actual sales.


If you are interested in creating B2B explainer videos that attract potential customers and easily convert them to sales, you are in the right place. We will teach you how to fine-tune your script and come up with the perfect idea for your new video. Scripting your explainer video will help with getting all of your ideas and thoughts into the new video without any confusion. Writing a script will also help you focus on getting the story across to your target group and potential clients and invoke certain emotions from them.


Here is how to create B2B explainer videos that easily convert:


  • Focus on an actual problem that is relatable to various people – One of the biggest differences in selling a B2B vs selling to a B2C is the need to sell the product to various people in the industry. So, when coming up with the script, it is important to position the script to focus on actual problems that most people in the business industry can relate to.
  • Offer niche-specific business solutions – When writing your B2B explainer video script you probably want to make sure you are using an appropriate terminology that is relatable to the business companies you are selling to. You need to use the terminology they use, as well as, talk in the language they understand.
  • Don’t forget any important details – When creating your B2B explainer video, you need to be as detailed as possible. Unlike selling to people, businesses are interested in everything related to your business, brand, and the products or services you offer. If you want, you can even get technical and give them every detail they want to know about. The more detailed, the better chance you have of converting them to actual sales.


If you want to create a great B2B explainer video, you want to take your time and really put your effort into it. Only by doing so, you will be able to convert more leads to sales and actually generate more profit.