Virtual Reality already resides in most smartphones and you need a VR headset to bring it to life. Google has made VR accessible to common man through their Android OS. Almost every decent handset has the capability of becoming a VR device, all you need to do is add the headset.

 Connect a cheap $20 cardboard style headset to your smartphone, instal Google cardboard app and you are ready for the VR world. But it is not the only way to enjoy the simulated reality. Here are some of the best ways to watch Virtual Reality.

To get the best VR experience, buy HTC VIVE. Priced at $800, Vive provides a rich VR experience. You also need a powerful gaming PC to power the headset. Vive has the best in class screens, resolution and movement tracking.

 If that is too expensive, you can try Oculus Rift, another top-end VR headset. Rift also needs a gaming PC to support VR content. Priced at $400, Rift’s experience is close to Vive.

 If you prefer a standalone VR experience, try Oculus Go. It is a new generation device that just needs a smartphone and internet connection to function. Oculus Go provides a beautiful experience at a great price point of $200 in the US.

 If you want to use your smartphone as a VR device, you can buy a Google Day Dream or Samsung Gears VR  headset and connect it to your Android device. Both the devices are priced close to $100 and provide a nice VR experience. DayDream works best with Pixel II or an equivalent flagship Andoird phone. Samsung Gears VR works specifically with high-end Samsung smartphones.

 Depending on your phone’s capacity, the VR content could be great or just be another 3D experience.

  There you have it, the cheapest and the best ways to experience VR.