Whenever we say Augmented Reality, most people ask if we mean Pokémon Go. That is how synonymous the technology has become with this game. But Pokémon is just one small part of this new, exciting technology which promises to be the biggest upgrade to the user interface since the invention of CRT monitors.

The world’s biggest companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and others have been working behind closed doors to master this new field and we are already getting to see a small set of AR applications in the world.

 But things will get more interesting in the future.

 As more of this technology seeps into the gaming industry, we will see new ways of integration where our world will become a part of the game.

Since AR technology does not have health risks associated with virtual reality, acceptance and implementation will be more rapid.

Banking on the new technology, the world biggest toymaker Hasbro used AR to stage a battle between the IronMan and Thanos at the Toy Fair. Wear the famous Red Helmet and gauntlet and set up the AR markers around the room and you will see Thanos’ army around you.

 It is not the first time technology companies have used AR in this manner. We saw another example of AR tech used to promote a movie at Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR experience presented by Disney and Lenovo in 2017.

 Google and Apple are working hard on making your phone easy to use with AR apps. So you can simply slap on an AR sensor and get ready for a new experience.

 The smartphone is becoming the main platform for most of these companies to launch their AR apps. Google is expected to release their ARcore in 2018. Once it is available to developers, expect to see a mini explosion in AR apps in the Playstore.